WHAT DO I NEED TO KNOW IF IT'S MY FIRST TIME? If it's your first time you are bound to feel a bit nervous about what awaits...but there is no need to be!  All class teachers are  lovely and just want you to have the best work out possible.  You will need to arrive approximately 10 minutes  before the lesson is due to begin, as you will be required to fill in some easy peasy paperwork.  It's also a good chance to meet your teacher to say a proper hello!

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Please ensure you bring a bottle of water to rehydrate as things are most definitely gonna get HOT in the studio.  A small towel is also a good idea to wipe that well earnt sweat away. You will also need cash to pay your teacher at the beginning of class.  Where possible it is encouraged that you have the exact money...however, don't panic if you don't as we can sort out change for you if needed.  Try not to bring anything valuable as any items lost or stolen are at the individual's own risk.  

WHAT DO I WEAR? Leggings, Jogging Bottoms, Shorts, Vests, T-shirts and anything else you can move around in.

GLO BURN BALLET BARRE BLITZ - It is advisable to wear something tighter fitting on your lower half, such as leggings or tights with the feet cut off, due to the nature of the movement.  This class is either done in bare feet, socks or ballet slippers. 

GLO FUNK YOURSELF - Wear anything you can funk to the music in that allows you to work it!!  Trainers are worn in this class.

GLO RAVERCISE - Again wear anything you can rave in.  Trainers are also worn in this class.

WHAT IF I HAVE AN INJURY/ILLNESS? It is essential that you let your teacher know if you have any injuries, or recovering from  illness.  This way the teacher can tailor the class exercises to meet your needs by giving you alternate instructions.  If at any point during the class you feel unwell please make your teacher aware.  Same goes if you are feeling especially fabulous, give out a loud WHOOP WHOOP!

CAN I JUST DROP INTO CLASS OR DO I NEED TO REGISTER ONLINE? You are more than welcome to drop in, but it is great if you can register your details with us so we can get to know who our regular GLO GETTERS are and which classes you love.  It's also a great opportunity for you to ask for any requests, such as musical choices, or a particular focus on a dance style.  Watch out on social media for any promo codes-by registering for your class and popping in the code you will be eligible for discounts on your classes from time to time. 

LATE ARRIVALS If you are late for a class, it is at the teachers discretion as to whether you will be allowed to join for the rest of the session. 

SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY Here at GLO DANCE we love a good Instagram post and by taking part in our classes we accept this as your permission for us to use images of your gorgeous selves on social media platforms.  Please speak to your class teacher if this is not ok...we won't go snap happy on you we promise, we just love to celebrate our student's achievements.  Please feel free to tag us in all your posts...we'd love to see what you guys are getting up to!