Ballet inspired technique class with the use of exercise bands for greater resistance. Perfect for sculpting long lean muscles and really raising that heart rate. Ideal for creating a strong core. Channel your inner ballerina and dig deep!


Want to be in a music video? No probs! Get down and get your Gaga on in this class with commercial style moves. Learn the routine and work like a dancer!


One for the RAVER BABIES! This should be illegal. No way can you work out and have this much fun. Lights off, music thumping, sweat dripping, body pumping PARTY. This is dance cardio at its best, guaranteed to get your heart rate up with a well deserved cool down and stretch at the end. PASS ME MY WHISTLE!


Struggle to pick up follow along style classes?! D'you find your inner diva stifled by choreography blasted out at the speed of light. You'll be good to GLO in no time as this 45 min lesson has all the classic moves broken down in an easy to follow way... Great if you think co-ordination is holding you back from getting the most from your dance fitness classes.


Advanced level class for those who are looking to challenge themselves with more complex choreography. Style of dance will vary from contemporary/lyrical jazz and commercial. Are you brave enough to give it a GLO?